Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!

Dear partners,

In the run-up to Christmas and New Year we want to say thank you for choosing our company as partner in your business. It is you who are pushing us in a good way to constantly develop our network for staying out of others. Without you we would be nothing.

Our company wishes you and your families great health and wealth!

Sincerely yours,
AdXXX Team

Destination WordPress.

Anti-Adblock strikes back! Destination WordPress.

Not long time ago we’ve released a WordPress plugin and now we are glad to inform you that anti-Adblock function was added as an additional option. If your website is based on WordPress, then go straight ahead to try this and get even bigger revenues! Continue reading Destination WordPress.

Earn even more $$$ with ADxXx.

We are very glad to announce that we raise CPC rates for adult traffic!
It means that you will earn more money with AdXXX than it was before – don’t lose your opportunity to increase your revenue right now!
Everything you should do is to sign in our system and put ad banners on your website. Simple as that!

Continue reading Earn even more $$$ with ADxXx.

New Revenue Share Tariff

Sick and tired of calculating your profit on CPC or CPM models? Frustrated with eCPM changes, the lack of transparency and all digital chaos concerning prices? We found the way out – it’s our new percentage-based rate called Revshare!

Continue reading New Revenue Share Tariff

PayPal Payments

We are constantly improving our system to make it easy and comfortable for you. As the result, we are glad to inform you that PayPal payment option is available again! Please pay attention that minimum payout sum is $50 USD.

If you want to receive future payments by PayPal, please update the account information in your member section.

Happy Webmasters Day

Today, worldwide webmasters, web developers and web designers celebrate the day of the webmaster.

Today’s date, namely, 4.04 is associated with a 404 error, it is in honor of the 404th error and consider this day a holiday of the web master.

Congratulations to all webmasters, and those who are somehow connected with this. We wish you successful projects, good customers, more interesting tasks!

New banners formats

We are very glad that you’re staying with us and it’s always a pleasure to work with you!  We are constantly working on improving our system and making work easier for both of us.

And we are glad to inform you that in a couple of days you will be able to create 160×600, 728х90 and 315х300 banners yourself right in your AdXXX dashboard! More banners on your website can help you to earn even more $$$.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Dear ADxXx Partners, thank You for the amazing and successful year!

We wish you a blessed holiday season. May this Christmas bring you comfort, joy, peace and happiness to last throughout the coming year!

Holiday Cheer and Happy New Year!

Yours Faithfully,
ADxXx Team