New Revenue Share Tariff

Sick and tired of calculating your profit on CPC or CPM models? Frustrated with eCPM changes, the lack of transparency and all digital chaos concerning prices? We found the way out – it’s our new percentage-based rate called Revshare!

How it works – you will earn at least 60% of our profit on your website. For example, if our revenue is 1000$, you will get 60% (i.e. 600$)!

What Revshare gives to you:

  • Higher margin ad campaigns
  • More acute metrics
  • More customer-focused service
  • Transparent and stable revenue
  • No waste of time on calculations
  • No fragmentation of different technologies (changeable costs of clicks/impressions, fraud activity, eCPM fluctuation, etc.)
  • No annoying requests of banner optimization (banner placement, buttons, widget quantity, etc.)

If you are ready to set up our new Revshare rate, please, contact us.

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